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Below is a list of frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, don’t hesitate to call 918-901-9690.

Are realtor.com and the MLS system the same?

No. Both are separate and distinct services with different websites and usage. Realtor.com is run by The National Association of Realtors and picks up all the nationwide MLS listings from hundreds of multiple listing services.

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Yes. Just notify your listing broker.

Can I make changes to my MLS listing?

You can email or call your listing broker to make changes after reviewing the MLS listing. There is no charge for changes.

How can your services help sell my home faster?

If you list with an agent and agree to pay a 6% commission, you may need to increase the price of your home to defray your high commission expense. With our program, you practically eliminate the listing commission (usually 3%). This allows you to lower the asking price of your home, making it available to more buyers.

How will showings be handled?

When an agent wants to show your listing, they will look in the MLS under the “broker remarks” for showing instructions. They will contact you if you are handling the showings yourself. Or you can choose to use our showing service.

If I find my own buyer, will I still have to pay a selling commission?

No. If you find a buyer for your home with no agent being the procuring source, there is no commission to pay. However, you can still hire Realty Connect to write the contract and handle the closing on your behalf with the broker assist program that costs $1,500 or 0.5% paid at closing.

Is the MLS the best way to sell my home?

The vast majority of homes are sold through the MLS due to the large network of realtors working with homebuyers. Over 87% of buyers use a real estate agent when buying a home.

Is there a MLS that may be used by sellers who don’t have an agent?

No. The general public is not allowed to list properties in the MLS; only a state-licensed agent may access the regional MLS to list a property for sale, or find homes for buyers.

Is this the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that most realtors belong to?

Yes. All realtors who sell and buy use their local MLS to search for properties for their buyers.

What does “find your own buyer” mean?

If someone calls you from your yard sign and is not represented by an agent, you would not pay a commission.

What if I don’t sell my house within the allotted time?

You have the option to relist your home on the MLS for $230 for an additional six months. This will be considered a new listing and you will get a new MLS number.

Why would Realty Connect list my home in the MLS if it’s not going to receive a commission when it sells?

Actually, the up-front listing fee is our “earned commission” for listing your property.

Will realtors show my home if I list through Realty Connect?

Yes. Your MLS flat-fee listing will look exactly the same as any other traditional listing. Many times, our listings are showcased better than many of the agents marketing homes in the Tulsa area. Brokers want to find a home that meets their buyers’ needs as quickly as possible, as long as they get paid a competitive commission for bringing the buyer. In general, the MLS listing does not tell them how much you paid to list your home, only what you are offering to pay the buying broker who brings the buyer.

Will realtors show my home if it’s not listed on the MLS?

It is not likely. Of course, there are always exceptions.